dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 18 Mei 2014

Valentino Rossi for MotoGP Le Mans 2014

Le Mans is host for 5th round of MotoGP and this time they gave us very great show on this season. As we know every riders did very well and very fast in qualifying practice. And Marc Marquez again and again got his 5t time pole position. And also again and again he got 1st podium also for 5th time.

Battle for 1st place -Pic by YamahaMotoGP
He so talent and his speed are very fast. The bike is totally unstoppable. Marquez made a mistake on the start line so he little bit behind in the early. But with his power full bike he can very easy to overtake rider one by one in front him. Until Marquez arrived in battle for 1st place and on 16 laps to go he won  the battle with his idol Valentino Rossi. Marquez who very young and strong with his fastest bike got the 1st place with little bit wide ride from Valentino and Valentino Rossi trying hard to chase back but Valentino Rossi know well the limit of his baby M1 and also the soft tyre he used already getting difficult to control due the asphalt surface start too hot.

Do you hear what the name they shout for ? Vale...Vale.. Vale..
But from the race we can conclude very clearly, who is the one made this championship very interesting to watch for. And no doubt the one and only who can make it is Valentino Rossi. Valentino Rossi after started the race from 5th place and with little bit crowded with other bike he can manage well to passing rider one by one with very smooth and clever maneuver in every corner. Only need 2 laps for 9th time world championship to got his 2nd position and need one more lap again for him on the 1st position until finally he need to accept to finished on 2nd place. When he on podium with Marc Marquez and Alvaro Bautista, we can't doubt the one rider who still have so much love from spectator on this sport is  Valentino Rossi, we can see and hear it from the crowd who cheer Vale's name even he just got 2nd podium.
Valentino Rossi the greatest -pic by YamahaMotoGP

But this time 2nd place of Valentino Rossi was very special on his bike career because he just made history being 1st rider who can take 150 primer class podium and today in Le Mans race it be his 299 times he rode his bike in Grand Prix. Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi with whatever the result he got, he always able to share the happiness with all fans, team and this championship. And the one very important in my view is when he celebrate his 2nd place with our friend who always in our heart Marco Simoncelli. He look to the sky with hand up and smile, seemed to discribe "This podium for you too Marco". I sometime don't understand when small group of people saying bad thing about Vale and said that Vale only nice in front of camera. How pity for all of them who think like that because  it's totally not true.
For you Marco Simoncelli. I know you smile from heaven #RIPSuperSic

In press conference after the race with very happy face we can see clearly that he very happy with the race and the result, he can pushing his bike and show to us some great talent he had and when he on front as always he doesn't want going alone, he starting to waiting Pedrosa and Lorenzo and also "the wonder boy" Marc Marquez. But too bad he made a little mistake in the corner, he pushed brake little bit deep and went wide so as we can see it make Marquez too easy for pass him and Valentino Rossi lost a chance to have good battle with him. But he never give up and  he will try next week in Mugello to fight with Marquez. "At this moment I can't able to win a race yet but I always there and I enjoying a lot"

Do with all your heart and you will get what you dream for
Speechless ...I can't write any word again how unbelievable Valentino Rossi is. He always honest and has a big heart to tell the truth when he did some mistake for himself and he also has very good sense of humor when he said "After Marquez overtake me I hoped he wait for me but unfortunately he's not" 

Brilliant he always brilliant and always has an idea to make every little thing be very so wonderful. Next week Italy will be the host for MotoGP and Mugello always be very special circuit in this sport. The atmosphere on there is very special and all POPOLOGIALLO always loyal to support Valentino Rossi. And  Mugello 2014 will be more special because it will be 300 time for Valentino Rossi racing on this Grand Prix and maybe he also will announce about his new contract with Yamaha. So all hope goes to Valentino Rossi, hope 1st podium can be on his hand and we can listen again Italian anthem in Italy circuit "Mugello"

Not only for Valentino Rossi about Mugello 2014 will be very special but it's also will be very special for me because for 1st time finally I will watched live on this paradise circuit of Valentino Rossi. I heard before one circuit you need to visit when you love Valentino Rossi is Mugello and I will make it. Thanks God and Thank you so much for  Valentino Rossi and all people who help me to make another one of my dreams become real.

" Racing is about skill and battle, so when bike too fast sometime we lost the meaning of racing is" - dsulistiyo-

pic taken from Internet, thanks for all great photographer who share it

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