dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Selasa, 06 Mei 2014

The Amazing Valentino Rossi

MotoGP is very popular bike sport in this earth. Base on the prototype bike, the rule, the duration of the race, The host circuits and the important one is the skill of the riders who joint on this sport.
With the good bike they have, the great management, and the professionalism of the organizer, no doubt that this sport can make all Bike lover love and enjoy so much this event. So many fans from around the world who have their own idol for this sport. As we know all riders who joint on this sport all have very good talent and skill.

We can’t hide it that the famous one rider in MotoGP is Valentino Rossi. We can’t deny it, even though at this moment this sport created lot of good, young and lovable riders as Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo, Cal Crutchlow, Aleix Espargaro  and many more but the rider who is the magnet of MotoGP still owned by Valentino Rossi. Every rider has their own style and also every fan has their  own category to support for.

As we know Valentino Rossi is the rider from Italy and he was born in Urbino on February 16th 1979 and know he  live in a  little beautiful village in Tavullia,  with his own business which  related with this sport. Almost everybody love him, with his natural kindness, his smile and all the achievement he already did, no wonder if he has a lot of fans who always on his side, support and cheer him on happy and hard situation.

The one make him so lovable for me is, as  Valentino Rossi always maintain his fans to feel what he feels  after and before race. He is so detail when explaining to media about what he feels, about what the bike condition and many more, to his fans he always  trying to share his happiness with an awesome celebration in every victory and he always did it with pleasure,  with love so everyone can feel close with him even we know that the world is very wide and separated by oceans.

Sometime as a human maybe Valentino Rossi feel tired  after the  race or test but with his kindness and his mature attitude, he always give some smile and care for all his fans. Every time camera TV shoot his paddock he always gave wave and greeting with his spectacular smile and indirectly it show to all his fans how he thanks for all support we already did. So we also as fans need to understand if sometime he need his own time for himself and people he loved around. When we can respect our idol for sure we can more get the real meaning how a real fan is.

The incredible situation from my own experience is when Valentino Rossi can noticeme and send first greeting after 2 times meet and it’s so incredible to knowing that situation. That is Valentino Rossi, he is so complete as icon of MotoGP.

In every race he rides for,  we can see how many “ POPOLO GIALLO” on the tribune, as well as so many 46  flags waving in the sky of the circuit  and every time he pass the spectator,  we heard loudly they  call the name of Valentino Rossi “VALE…VALE…VALE” and the awesome one is, it not only happens in Italy just because he is from Italy but it happens  in all circuits whatever he ride for. That the amazing VR46.

I live in Indonesia, as we already know we have ever hosting MotoGP in the year 1996 and  1997, even though MotoGP was not held again in Indonesia but the influence of Valentino Rossi very big in here. In fact Indonesia a huge  bike user for doing daily activities  and many of them using Yamaha bike, that why Yamaha Indonesia always concern and trying to  reach all their user to be close and love with this sport, by having some  racing activities, training for young local riders and meet & greet for fans to able meet with some international riders of Yamaha especially from MotoGP Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

To let you know and prove  how big Indonesia fans to support  Valentino Rossi are , we have built VR46FanClub community.  As we know Indonesia consist of so many islands we all make a VR46 region in every island and centralized  in Jakarta to make Rossifumi be one united.

In every race we trying to support and cheer Valentino Rossi with our way, we can writing on Twitter  as a personal or as community, Celebrate birthday of Valentino Rossi and  also sometime  we can make event watching together in some place or some fan home (it some time organize by Yamaha Indonesia)  to make more feel the adrenaline of the race. Even though we have not hosted MotoGP yet  but we have the spirit of it, we have the interest  for this sport and the important one we have the Love  for Valentino Rossi.

World is so wide with lot of different time zone and when finally it can be so small and be one zone,  all it can happened  because we have some vision and mission to  always support Valentino Rossi.  Everything can be easy when we do with love and sincerely

When we alone we only have two hands for reach something but when we together we have countless hands to realize the dream ~ dsulistiyo

Nothing impossible when we do with love and pure heart, just as  Valentino Rossi always teach to us, walk with passion whatever you love for and the passion will help you to show to the world that you are worth it to be loved.
Watching Jerez Together Rossifumi Region Jakarta

 (pic by VR46Fanclub)

The atmosphere when Rossifumi Indonesia cheer Valentino Rossi (pic by VR46Kaskus)

Rossifumi Region Semarang (Central java)

Rossifumi region Lampung (Sumatera Island)

Cake From Rossifumi Indonesia (Pic by FumiJakarta)

Rossifumi Semarang (Central Java)

Cake of fan


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