dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 05 Mei 2014

Brilliant Decision from Valentino Rossi on MotoGP Jerez 2014

After a very brave movement by Valentino Rossi in Argentina even though it didn’t bring any podium for him, but finished at 4th place there with very stable speed was very promising for the other races left. As we know, after Qatar and 2 American circuits, the 4th season of MotoGP was hosted at Jerez – Spain and it’s the first MotoGP 2014 in Europe and as we know lot of great battle happened in this circuit, since Doohan – Alex Criville (1996), Valentino Rossi and Sete Gibernau (2005) and the last year was Jorge Lorenzo and wonder boy Marc Marquez (2013).

On this year, almost all prediction  on Marc Marquez due the huge reason of how strong he can took 4 pole and also he’s already won 3 series in 2014, so all prediction jump to him and quite more interesting as we know Jerez 2014 will be his 100 times on Grand Prix, and not forget about passed memory in Jerez when he had hot battle with Jorge so all spectators and media thinking that it will be happened again between them, and as we know in the same date with Jerez race is Jorge birthday and also 200 times for Jorge in Grand Prix. So very possible if both of them will do with all they have to win in here. But after race came in very good weather of Jerez, that prediction didn’t happen at all, Marc Marquez who got good start on pole and continue running fast and make huge gap to others, while Jorge Lorenzo struggling on 3rd place and laps by laps make his tire didn’t have enough grip and forced him to accept overtake from Dani Pedrosa on lap 21 who finally can finished on 3rd and for The birthday boy need to happy with his 4th place on Jerez race.

So after we know the 1st podium own by young riders with No. 93 Marc Marquez and 3rd place by flamboyant rider Dani Pedrosa while for 4th spot for Birthday boy Jorge Lorenzo, so the question is who got the precious 2nd podium for Jerez 2014 and the answer is the one and only Valentino Rossi. 

After struggling with tyre problem in Austin which made him to be only finish at 8th and after deep breaking from other rider on Argentina who made him wide ride and need to  go back home on 4th place, finally here on Jerez in the track he loves so much, he got it, and another great achievements for the 9 times world champion is because after QP with very brave he announced to use new chassis, which he think it can be better when he try to wear Extra hard front tire for race, while we all know already the old chassis can’t receive good for the extra hard tyre. And finally all the risk decision he took can save him to get his 2nd spot in Jerez after the last one in 2010 he got podium here, and he also so proud with this achievements and make him on fire to face the race remain on 2014 to make him stronger on world standing. At this moment he stands on 3rd spot for World Standing MotoGP2014.

We need to say it again and again I though….. Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, with his own style and good calculation he can be so brave to take decision which maybe other can’t brave enough to try. It teach to us one more think .....

“Life is about how you brave enough to take any risk from any decision you made for it, life is about 2 sides of coin, when you go with all the risk and success come after and you are blessed, when you can’t reach what you want on it, for me its not a failure but it’s a tremendous lesson of life. Better you going with some risk rather than you only stay on your place without any improvement. Life only one time, with a brilliant calculation we can handle any risk be a wonderful result. ~ dsulistiyo

 Always be brave in smart way Popologiallo. Love you Valentino Rossi.

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