dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 17 Mei 2014

Graziano Rossi

Everybody who loves bike sport, must be knows who is Graziano Rossi. He was start professional racing in 1979 for 250cc class and he continued to move to 500 cc class in 1980. But as he said his racing career is far from the name of success, actually he won three victories but his injured need to force him to stop this sport in 1982. So the words he put for his racing career is "short and unfortunate" 

But when he put that word for his own racing career, we can put words for his life is "long and fortune". As we know Graziano Rossi is father from the living legend, 9 times world championship and the gorgeous man on the planet "Valentino Rossi"

Racing is already part of his life so even though he can’t ride for any professional racing again but he still love to ride with his friends and sometime he ride with his amazing boy Valentino Rossi in VR46 ranch.

So many effect from Graziano who impact Valentino Rossi, as Vale said "Maybe if Graziano make another sport I wouldn't have had this passion to be a rider"  And also Valentino Rossi as we know he's one of the famous people who very humble on this earth. Vale never forget how to say thank you for Graziano as he mentioned "I was lucky ... my father raced bikes, he gave me the passion very early and I had my first bike when I was three or four years old and also because of Graziano, he make my way more easy when I started racing world because he knew a lot of people and it make me easy to find the first bike."

The humble of Valentino Rossi is very easy to see from everything on him...., his smile, his way to talk, the way he wave to fans and many more. Humble is so clear stick on him.

And that humble attitude is came from Graziano Rossi, Graziano always believe Valentino humble is the key from Valentino success. And Graziano is father who understand how to be a good father, that why he trying not so much give advice to Valentino Rossi on his career, he only gave some words with big of meaning, some of them as "Don't ever forget where you come from, once you become bigheaded because people said you are the best one and you believe with that, at that moment you are not the best anymore" Deep and lot of true meaning

See how strong the relation between them and to be honest I always love to saw them spend lot of time together. He also always tries to watch Valentino Rossi normally for Europe race, not because he doesn't want support out from Europe but because he doesn't like flying. Whatever support from father can come from every way.

From all news about Graziano I ever read in media, all I knew is about how charming this man is, and how big his impact to Valentino Rossi racing career. Just make us understand when we love Valentino Rossi of course we can't forget to always respect and love Graziano Rossi and Stefania (mother of Valentino Rossi).

And I'm who lucky enough to able to got first greeting from Graziano when first time I touch down to the paradise land of Valentino Rossi in Tavullia. If I late 0.01 second maybe I can't met him there, but universe still allow me to meet with 

Graziano Rossi and also met again in dinner time at Pizza da Rossi. And at the moment we met in front of  VR46 Fan Club Office, he so nice when said "Wow... you come from Indonesia, very long flight to be in here, Enjoy Tavullia" Awesome that awesome. Valentino Rossi totally blessed to has very lovable father as Graziano Rossi

We can be whatever as we wish but to be always exist we need to learn and know about new things everyday. World can't stop moving so we can't stop to learning ~ dsulistiyo

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