dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Difficult Weekend for Valentino Rossi at Silverstone MotoGP 2012

The bad luck happened to the British rider Cal Crutchlow who crashed on FP3 and made him can’t allow following Qualifying, but as we know he’s young and have lot of spirit on his home race. With his injured (broken ankle) on Sunday he follow the warming up practice and follow the race even he must  started the race from very back row 20th . He clearly show to us what we called passion and patient, with his satellite bike Yamaha Tech 3 he short the gap very impressive. 

Only need 2 laps for made him passed 9 of CRT bike and post him on 11th very near with Valentino Rossi who stuck on 10th place and not need too long for him clear Valentino Rossi for 10th. 11 laps he need to took place on 7th from Hector Barbera and Stefan Bradl, really great stuff he did when we look where he start and his condition, and the last lap he has taken 6th from Nicky Hayden (even the Ducati bike not good yet but it’s still prototype bike). What a race? Really heroic race by Cal Crutchlow and for sure not only British fans proud with what he did but all MotoGP fans. Standing applause for him who 4th position for World Standing Championship after round six in Silverstone.

Jorge Lorenzo just did Hattrick after won three time of 3 series of MotoGP and he just shown to us he was right to signed contract more earlier with Yamaha, because for this season this bike is so perfect with the engine and the new tire, made him able to passed Casey Stoner who still struggling with the bike and the new tire and force him to only has 2nd place on this race and Dani Pedrosa on the 3rd podium.

Another great rider on British GP was Alvaro Bautista, after so great take his first pole position, he just did a great finished on 4th place really near with podium and like he said “he could be able to force to get 3rd place but its too risky for him so he decided to keep patient and run with them on the front row”. Really great move from him to have battle with factory.

VR crashed on QP
After very strong and be the fastest on Free Practice 1 and made all his fans face the British GP with smile on their face, the cloudy come again after look Valentino Rossi struggling a lot on the rest of Practice and the worst thing just happened when he was crashed on Qualifying Practice. And it’s really fast crashed and made his bike damage. Of course it was difficult to the team to fix the first bike and force Valentino Rossi only rides the Qualifying with his second bike. 
NH crashed in the same corner with VR
Like we know 1st bike he has still not competitive yet even bit better and we can imagine what he will get with his 2nd bike, So start from 10th place which is row 4 for British GP he need to took even its really not what the team think.

And the hard situation on QP not only came from valentine Rossi but his team mate Nicky Hayden has the same trouble, the American rider crashed in the same corner as Valentino with the same style to crashed but lucky for Nicky he already took 7th place to start the race.

For Valentino Rossi the first he announced for Silverstone race is “Difficult weekend” and his commented for this track was “the most difficult track”. Of course it was so hard for him. We all think he can’t able to ride well on British GP because he was wrong to choice the harder Bridgestone rear tire, cause only him wear those type but in press conference after race he was said “Our decision to used the hard rear tire absolutely not the reason why us so difficult at the race because if we use soft it would have been more worse, since the left side wouldn’t have lasted. At least with the hard I could get past Barbera."

So the answer from The rider what the main reason he struggling a lot was "we can’t get enough front end grip and honestly we don’t know why and we don’t know how to resolve the problem, if we could do that, we would immediately lot faster. And for this race Nicky Hayden show to us the real performance potential of Ducati but anyway both of us still very far from the leader. We have to work, we have to improve our pace and hope at the next round at Assen we could be better”

After crashed, he still gave wave to all fans
Can’t imagine, if the rider who got all this not Valentino Rossi. Maybe the team condition so dark and sad, but Valentino Rossi can handle it with his passion and his charisma. He still treat his fans very well in every race, wave to all fans even he crashed on QP yesterday, give smile with camera on TV to said to all fans around the world Its difficult time but with smile and togetherness all will be easy to face and try to find solution.

Incredible of Valentino Rossi. When all people so confusing where he will ride for next year, after lot of issued blow on the paddock about Dorna will change the Rule of Rookie to make Marc Marquez can joint immediately to Factory bike and many more. But Valentino Rossi still calm and said “For this time I only focus to being competitive at Ducati, maybe at Laguna Seca we will talk about it and two races after at Brno we will announce it about what decision we will take for next year”.

We love Valentino Rossi and the one made us mad in love with him is because his spirit. Spirit to face the uncertainty of the future, with confident, optimistic and not give up but still realistic. Always continue to try again and again with a different way and believe all problems have a way to solve it. Because the real journey of life will never be found before we pass it. Go Valentino Rossi, whatever you will for next year we’re still here to support you.

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