dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Another Smile of Valentino Rossi from Catalunya MotoGP 2012

Catalunya was new hope for Ducati in dry track. After positive test on Le Mans with Aluminum swing arm and new engine, the first hope from Ducati team is able to going well in the dry race.
But what the team thinks after the result of the test unfortunately went different with what happened on MotoGP Catalunya practice and Qualifying Practice.

Valentino Rossi just able started Catalunya race from 9th place and his team mate Nicky Hayden was started from 7th. Again it was not the team hope on the paper, but they all race on the track not on the paper, so it’s the reality happened.

The six round of MotoGP this year less of battle  for front place after HRC with Dani Pedrosa has a problem with the bike and the tyre,and at 10 laps remaining  Jorge Lorenzo can passed him and take a lead and be champion in Catalunya. And Dani Pedrosa only finished for 2nd place, of course it was podium for him but he’s not happy enough with the result he got there. Because what he expected was the highest podium.

And for the first time of this year we didn’t see Casey Stoner on front because he was struggling with the bike, and the tyre he has chosen didn’t work well like it must be, and made him on the middle of Yamaha Tech 3 for finished on 4th place after failing to pass Andrea Dovizioso who was very happy at his first podium of the year for 3rd position. And the British rider Cal Crutchlow who strongly enough this season with his bike was able to finished on 5th.

For  our hero who still can’t found his way on dry track, still can’t tame his bike, but we knew Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, wherever he start the race his spirit always same, fighting with what he has. That’s the different he with the others. Just like we knew he did 100% and no complaining. Try this and that for make the bike stable and easy to ride not only for him.

At Catalunya he finished on 7th place, yes it was only 7th but at least he getting improve after started on 9th. He trying so hard to catch up Alvaro Bautista for 6th position, but seems he lost the rear tyre so the bike can’t run more. Like we knew he is so realistic with this situation and he said congratulation to Alvaro Bautista for 6th place.

Lot of fans worried with his performance but Valentino Rossi said some positive thing he can found on Catalunya, it’s the potential of Ducati on dry, quite close from the front row and he will see for Silverstone circuit what the bike can bring for him and team. 

Before the Round 7th of MotoGP at Silverstone Valentino Rossi have two tests again he did with the team. First test after Catalunya race is on Catalunya and the team trying again with his swing arm but that’s what we need from test, Valentino Rossi said the swing arm help him on acceleration, but it triggers too much chatter, as opposed to during the Mugello test, where it proved to be advantageous. 

But he will not stop to try for 2nd test on Aragon he will keep trying it and finding what will happen. For Catalunya test the fastest was Andrea Dovizioso but too bad for Repsol Honda Team, they were not happy with the test. And also they decided to skip Aragon test after disappointed with Bridgestone who can’t supply front tyre they wanna try there and they both not too happy with the new rule about implement a new front compound starting June 15-17 at Silverstone.

The Aragon test on June 6th 2012 made Yamaha Racing Team happy with the result he got, both of rider Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies finished for 1st and 2nd position. Valentino Rossi who only finished the Aragon test for 8th keep put his smile on his face because he said “since we found something positive, we can say that it was a good test."

For me we never know what will happen, just like Valentino Rossi did, to ride on Ducati bike it was the difficult thing he did on his career but as long he has spirit to get some improve, he still face it with smile and happiness. So proud to be his fans and thank you to keep us proud. We Love you hero

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