dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Result and Review FP1, FP2,FP3 and QP MotoGP 2011 Laguna Seca Circuit

FREE PRACTICE 1 starts with the sunny weather with temperature 18 degree and  52 % for humidity this morning. All of fans waiting for what bike Valentino Rossi will used in this practice, because after bad start in Germany, they decided to bring the GP11.1 and GP11. But after the end of the practice Valentino only riding his GP11.1. And he decided to use it, after technical meeting with his "genius" chief Mechanic Jeremy Burgess was absent the last two race.
And with his complete team Valentino Rossi was finish for 9th position with gap +1,167 from the leads.

And the lead for Free Practice 1 Laguna Seca was Casey Stoner with 1.22.300 and his team mate Dani Pedrosa with gap +0.102 s for 2nd place, he got the best place even though he crashed in the turn 2 in the first ten minutes of FP1. The 3rd place  Jorge Lorenzo the rider forYamaha Racing Time with his special livery with time 1.22.420 and his team mate American rider Ben Spies for 4th with time 1.22.806 and Andrea Dovizioso completing the top five for this practice.

Marco Simoncelli this practice only can pushing his bike for 6th place and Nicky Hayden the one very busy with trying GP11 and GP11,1 but he confident with his GP11 for 7th place, the Texas Tornado Collin Edwars take a 8th position and Alvaro Bautista the sweetest from Suzuki Rizla team stronger day by day for 10th place. Continue by Hector Barbera 11th, Randy De Puniet 12th, Cal Crutchlow for the first time riding in Laguna Seca got 13th and posting time of 1.24.018. Toni Elias from LCR Honda for 14th and his new team mate Ben Bostrom in the last grid 18th gap +4.986 secs with Casey Stoner. Karel Abraham, Loris Capirossi and Hiroshi Aoyama for 15th, 16th and 17th on the grid.

The good quote from Valentino Rossi with his hard of this season "We will have to suffer for a little while - Valentino continued - because we don't have a magic potion and We are happy to have Jeremy back with us, and he is very focused."

For me what Valentino Rossi said is proved something amazing the one is He's very patience with all happend with him with Ducati and the second one He know better how to give respect and trust to his team.

FREE PRACTICE 2 was going with warm temperature, it was about 22 degree. Marco Simoncelli looks not going strong like other practice at others race before, he with his Honda bike got the same place like in the morning for 6th position, it was made him unhappy becasue is too slow than usual time he created. And Jorge Lorenzo with his bike very strong and fast being the lead in second Practice with time 1.22.056 more faster +0,141 secs  than Dani Pedrosa for 2nd place even though on this practice he almost crashed but lucky he stable on his bike and take a lead. And Casey Stoner with the problem with his rear tire only grabbed 3rd place with time1.22.231. and complete the top five was Andrea Dovizioso and American rider Ben Spies with gap +0,559 he was miss his front feeling in the fast corner but he will solve for tomorrow practice and Qualifying.

Continue for 7th place was Alvaro Bautista going improve his time race by race with slowly but sure to only has 1 second gap with the lead. And Randy De Puniet became the fastest Ducati for this Practice at 8th position and follow by Collin Edwards for 9th place. And the Ducati Team with all experiment they have must  face this practice with only for 10th with American rider Nicky Hayden achived with GP11,1 from this result he will stick with GP11, and he said he love the gear box of GP11.1 but better for home race he will riding with what he knows and Valentino Rossi for 11th with gap +1.313 secs than the lead only a head from Ducati from Aspar team Hector Barbera and 13th until 17th set by Cal Crutchlow, Karel Abraham, Toni Elias, Hiroshi Aoyama, Lorris Capirossi and the rider with wild card Ben Bustrom.

When we saw the result all the top five still for Honda factory and Yamaha Racing Team, and the famous one Red team for Ducati with the famous rider Valentino Rossi still find a way to getting better in every race with gear box and front problem. But whatever the result all fan of MotoGP keep said Valentino Rossi the number one rider they waiting in every race because his charisma and his smile, never stop to made all fans feel his sincerity and his friendliness of him.

FREE PRACTICE 3 at July 23, 2011 started with a cloudy morning and foggy weather similiar with Free Practice 1. And this situation made almost all  riders using soft tyre for they bike. In the same condition too Casey Stoner become lead of this practice with best time 1.21.806 and followed by his team mate Dani Pedrosa with gap +0.017 secs.

For the 3rd position was the World Champion 2010 Jorge Lorenzo after dramatic crashed on the last second of the practice, He flying on the air and jump very hard to the gravel. He can;t getting up for a while just holding his right leg, and than marshals help him and after he can walking unaided and going to the Medical center to check his condition. And he was very lucky after revealed no broken bones and he will ready for continue for Qualifying and Race. 

Marco Simoncelli was 4th fastest in FP3 and doing well with the result yesterday, and he still have homework to improve under breaking and on the exit of the last corner and he will find it soon for Qualifying and hope will start on front grid. Ben Spies very confident for 5th place and follow by Andrea Dovizioso was just behind Ben with best time1.22.325 , for 6th place. And the handsome Nicky Hayden riding with his GP 11 for 7th place with 1.22.432, and followed with the best rider Valentino Rossi for 8th position with best time 1.22.647 it means the gap with the lead +0,841.

The Blue Bike Suzuki Rizla rider, Alvaro Bautista with 1.22.840 in  9th  and 10th was Hector Barbera after out a bit from the famous corner 'corkscrew' with the time 1.22.827. Next was Randy De Puniet for 11th and  Collin Edwards 12th, Cal Crutclow trying to know all situation on the track and finished this practice in 13th, follow by Hiroshi Aoyama San Carlo Honda Gresini for 14th, Karel Abraham after get crashed on the half of practice and rode his 2nd bike grabbed 15th, Loris Capirossi for 16th and the Duo riders from LCR Honda on the last grid Toni Elias for 17th and Ben Bustrom close for 18th.

Not change to much the result on the last free practice for Laguna Seca, The top five still with Yamaha and Honda and Ducati after and Suzuki in the middle of all bike. We still don't know sure when Ducati factory will fight for the top five, but when we saw the progrees look like we just need to wait for next race and find it work.

QUALIFYING PRACTICE was going very bad for Alvaro Bautista, not because the result he got but becasue the twice crashed he got, really bad and huge crashed. he was made him very dissapoint for him. He lost his front row for first crashed and got the 2nd crasehed at 24 minutes to go. but for the race he will start for 12th and he has a give motivation to get a good start for tomorrow race.
Randy De Puniet after almost 9 times crash for 2011 very unlucky to got one crashed in here too, and the bad for him he was indication with  fractured vertebrae and a suspected fractured right iliac. but the race direction declare Randy can try to ride on the WUP and than to see after that if he dont feel his pain to much and he will start race from 15th

17 mins to go of the qualifying Laguna Seca circuit the twice won in this circuit,  Nicky Hayden got crashed and grateful he was unheart and run by him self to back to the paddock always like to see when rider keep his spirit after all happened with them, for the race he start from 9th.

And the cowboy Ben Spies got crashed too after flying for 1st position in the last 5 mins and he just finished Qualifying for 4th place , very good start in his home race.

The surprise result was from Jorge Lorenzo, after huge crashed in the morning practice, with a pain he push his bike and very strong for pole position with best time 1.21.202 more faster +0.072 secs than the 2nd place Casey Stoner and to complete front row the silent rider Dani Pedrosa took the place for start from 3rd.

Valentino Rossi with his GP11.1 like always stuck in 12th almost all time of Qualifying and going down to 13th and stuck for a couple minute and 7 minutes to go after out from his box he jump up to 10th position and   the last second of the QP he grabbed the great start from 7th, one second ff of the fast lap posted by Jorge Lorenzo.  It was made me jumping and dancing to celebrate just felt like he start for pole position, Maybe third row to start its not good enough to beat all rider in front but the important for us is the bike is getting improve and going in the right way.
When he was start from 16th and able to finished for 9th in the last finish line lost to get 7th place its time for us to wish the great battle will be back again in MotoGP event. We all exacly knew the gap still very far with the front riders but we can huging we hope to Valentino Rossi he will do the everything he we can do for made a good race, good result for him, his team and for all of his fans
And the one quote from him to made me love this man more than more when he gave tribute quote for Jeremy Burgerss, "If it wasn't for Burgess being here, I would be starting thirteenth.  His presence is felt and he is extremely focused, despite going through a tough personal period right now.  I'm sure that he isn't happy either about fighting for these grid positions."

What's the humble guys ? Only this man can said like that with all struggling he did, still seeing from the other side, he can grabbed all victory with trust and togetherness

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