dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011


Round 8 of MotoGP is Mugello circuit Italia. Mugello  is the one of the most challenging and spectacular circuit because the track have combination between slow and fast turns with sweeping curves and need a good skill to overtaking. This circuit using first time for MotoGP event in 1976 and the first edition was won by Barry Sheene. and than be a permanent since 1991. The circuit have a six left corner and nine right corner with length about 5245 meters.

Mugello always show us  the good and amazing fans atmosphere. All is always spectacular and Valentino Rossi always shows the best performance in his home race, not only with his riding style  but with his style of livery and the helmet. Like always very entertaining 

1996 was the fifth round of Grand Prix Motorcycle and the first  time from his career in 125 cc and  He started  from 8th and he showing to us the best battle, he was  in front row  but he could only manage to finished at 4th with Aprillia RS 125

1997 be a beginning of the shinning of Valentino Rossi's career. In Mugello with 20 laps,  he got his 1st podium and he's the 3rd won of the season he lead from the start until the end of the laps and make a 3.311 mins gap from the 2nd place. And this was make him became the world champion with 11 times won of 15 race. Grande Valentino Rossi and this year was the first time I'm in love with Valentino Rossi when he race in Indonesia and got a 1st place too.

1998 was his first debut  on 250cc after became the World Championship in 125 cc class. He started this race from 4th place and than he lead all along until 7 laps and the race stopped due the rain and after that he only could grab  2nd position. and for final standing World Championship  this year he got a 2nd place

1999 was the first time he wore the special livery and helmet in Mugello (Peace and Love Livery) , he started from 6th and with the best fighting could finished on 1st position, and this race was starting with drama between Loris Capirossi and  Marcellino Lucchi and this accident made Loris Capirossi got black flag  penalty on  8 laps after he hit the back of Lucchi's bike and also disqualified for the next race, Catalunyan GP. And for Valentino Rossi this win in Mugello was on the way to make him became World Champion  on 250 cc class. 

2000 Valentino Rossi moved to premier class 500cc and he became rider who grabbed World Champion on 125cc and 250cc. Valentino Rossi in these race almost got 1st victory but he crashed on laps 21 when he did a battle with Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi, but he never put down his spirit after crashed, he  coming back  to the track and finished for 12th, but with his spirit, all fans still very proud with him

2001 it's the second time and last time he wore special livery and complete with special helmet (Hawaian livery). Torrential rain came down in the first laps of the race, forced it to be restarted. Nobuatsu Aoki winning the second leg, and Alex Barros the aggregate race, Start from pole at the first time in Mugello but didn't get finish the race after crashed out in the last laps at the Biondetti chicane when running second.

2002 Mugello got a great celebration from Valentino Rossi, he started from pole position and finished on 1st podium with Honda and he completed his achievement became a rider who won three different classes in Mugello. and he got this victory with the great battle between him and Max Biaggi. And because he very fast on the track he got pulled over by Policeman, and of course is only the part of unique celebration from the Valentino Rossi and friends. Always entertaining !

2003 and this season was  the all Italian Podium : Valentino Rossi for 1st, Lorris Capirossi 2nd and Max Biaggi 3rd. And during the race Valentino Rossi showed spectacular battle with his Azzuri helmet, he succeed  for 2nd year with Honda.

2004 for the first time he rode in Mugello with his new team and new bike, Yamaha M1. When a lot people doubt about his debut with Yamaha, he proved it and became champion for three time in Mugello. And this time made all people said he's the best rider EVER. In  fact Valentino won the race two times in here, he was leading  in the 17 laps  and stopped due the rain, and he won the 2nd race which lasted just six laps. And for Mugello 2004 he wearing a special helmet with a wooden incrustation No. IV, which is an Italian joke to laugh at the 4th classified.

2005 He started from pole and finshed in 1st position after great battle with three others Italian,  Loris Cappirossi, Max Biaggi and Marco Melandri. The Doctor a nick name he's been  using since 2001, but in this year one University from Urbino,  Italy gave him tittle Doctor of comunication because he success promotion Italy especially Urbino to all around the world with his way. His ways on the racing world with the humble and fair fighting in every race and never forgot with a excellent celebration in every victory.

2006 was the difficult season of Valentino Rossi and Yamaha, after got 1st position in Qatar and 14th in Jerez and than two successive non scores at Shanghai with tyre problem and Le Mans with an engine failure. He was doing the great battle in here with Loris Capirossi and Valentino Rossi won the  battle in the last lap. And he won five times from 2002

2007  the first year of the new 800cc category, and bike domination for this year was Ducati with the big power. And Yamaha really did hard season this year but like we always know the one rider all MotoGP fan's waiting is only Valentino Rossi. and for Mugello he won again for 6 times successive year to equal the record of Mick Doohan the rider from Australia who won the 500cc at Mugello from 1993 to 1998. And for this year the special helmet from Valentino Rossi with the big heart for Yamaha.

2008 Brilliant achievement from Valentino Rossi the King of Mugello, he won for the seven successive year at Mugello, and he be history for the first time rider has won his home GP in seven times. No wonder he's the one can make race become such entertaining and thrilling. He wore helmet picturing with his face expression when he was doing  racing with eyes wide and open mouth. Always unique make all fans waiting his performance.

2009 That's the year the King of Mugello lost his crown to the mixed weather during the race. Vale lost the race on the badly timed change of bikes when the rain appeared. He only finished for 3rd position after hard battle with Andrea Dovizioso from Honda, and for 2nd place was his team mate Jorge Lorenzo and Ducati with Casey Stoner won the first time here. And I thought before the race he already knew this result would like this because his special helmet here with his hand with gloves and holding his head, like a people got headache.

2010 It must be the hardest moment to forget for MotoGP and Valentino Rossi. In the good weather in Free Practice 2, Valentino Rossi suffered high side and bounced from his bike, than for the first time he got a big injury with his leg must be accepted to miss the race at Mugello and the next three race. After he crashed the MotoGP series look different and empty, all fans and all MotoGP lover really missing him because only him who could  make race not only racing but fun and lesson of life.
Actualy he already prepare the nice helmet for this time with theme The Joly Joker and new hair with Mohawk style. But Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, he always has a way to make his fans happy and he still gave a smile even he fell very sick before the helicopter took him to hospital and when the race time he talked to all his fans in circuit with telephone from hospital. He's the living legend and he's Valentino Rossi 

2011 is the first time Italy circuit with Italy bike and Italian Rider, Mugelo = Ducati = Valentino Rossi. Even we all know this season he still couldn't tame his Ducati even he already did some improvement from his bike but he still didn't able to get his victory. But all fans still sure even though he couldn't grab podium he would show the best performance here with all his spirit he has, he will do the best he can do.
The first shocking news for  all fans and the team is Valentino Rossi will face his home GP the most important race for him and team without his genius chief Mechanic Jerremy Burgess, because Jerry returned  to Australia and to be with his wife, who must do surgery. And the one I like from Valenino Rossi quote about this was "I'd like to wish good luck to Jeremy, who won't be able to join us this weekend due to very important personal reasons" Look what he said, he always know how to put the one important in other more important and he always calm in every situation.

FP1 started and Valentino Rossi didn't get the best result, he got problem with his bike. After his first bike stopped and he back to the pit to take his 2nd bike, but not long he rode he got the same problem with the 2nd bike stopped too, and he didn't finish the practice, he and time close his garage just to find the electronic problem on his bike. And his result for the first practice was 13th position. The fastest rider in this practice is Marco Simoncelli with 1.48.987

FP2 with the combination weather, the track was too dry for rain and too wet for slick so forced Valentino Rossi only did practice for six lap, and its didn't really not help him and team to find the setup of his GP11.1 after an electrical problem on his bike in the first practice.

FP3 in this morning he wearing a wonderful helmet design by Aldo Drudi designer of the helmet. The helmet design with Valentino Rossi blue eyes, and its really Valentino Rossi's pupil. The meaning of this helmet is look out because Mugello can hurt you, and also watch out because sooner or later things will turn around...(gpone.com). He rode this practice with beautiful helmet but the result of him still didn't same with what he and team want, he still struggling to find the best setup of the bike and unlucky he just finished the practice in 8th and more slower than his teammate Nicky Hayden even though Nicky still using GP11.  And the fisrt position for FP2 is Jorge Lorenzo with time 1.48.080 more fast than Valentino Rossi record in 2008 about 1.48.130

QP Mugello 2011 forced Valentino Rossi start from 12th position and he didn't got a best setting on the practice, not move from 12th place from the start of QP until the end of QP, and rained stopped almost the half time of QP. The ironic in this qualifying was he with GP11.1 might accept the 4 of 5 other Ducati riders. Nicky Hayden for 8th, Hector Barbera 9th, Karel Abraham 10th and the last Ducati is Randy de Puniet for 15th. And the front row is Casey Stoner with 1.48.034, Ben Spies 2nd and Marco Simoncelli 3rd.
Of course it was the hard season for the King of Mugello Valentino Rossi but he always knew how to motivate himself, team and fans, with all the limitations on he and team knew about this bike he always has some hope for the future. 

Race time was coming with the perfect weather, Valentino Rossi started from 12th and he didn't get a good start so he still on 12th but he trying to pass the riders in front of him like Cal Crutchlow, Colin Edwards, Alvaro Bautista and Hector Barbera, one by one with patience and good skill he did beautiful overtaking, and in the final result he's the sixth rider touch a line finish for Mugello. Even though he only finisihed on 6th place, but what he did was very awesome when we saw how hard he was on all FP and QP. And all fans still very proud with him because we all know the bike still on the development and now the bike getting more good improvement and soon the bike will reach the best setting and will be equivalent with the power of the rider.

But some interesting racing happened in here, Jorge Lorenzo won the battle with Casey Stoner and Andrea Dovizioso, he did very well and he deserved to proud with the result he got, really excellent race. And the one Italian rider in Podium Mugello is Andrea Dovizioso, he beat Casey Stoner in the last lap and its very excellent to him in the perfect atmosphere of fans he won with very beautiful winning for 2nd place

here we go the result race for Mugello race 2011 :

 No  Riders                   Team              Time                  World Standing   
  1. 1  Jorge Lorenzo – Yamaha Factory Racing +41.50.089       2
  2. 4  Andrea Dovizioso – Repsol Honda +0.997                     3
  3. 27 Casey Stoner – Repsol Honda +1.143                          1 
  4. 11 Ben Spies – Yamaha Factory Racing  +8.980                 6 
  5. 58 Marco Simoncelli – San Carlo Honda Gresini +9.076       10 
  6. 46 Valentino Rossi – Ducati Team + 26.450                     4 
  7. 8  Hector Barbera – Mapfre Aspar Team MotoGP +28.745     11          
  8. 26 Dani Pedrosa - Repsol Honda +32.043                         7
  9. 5  Colin Edwards – Monster Yamaha Tech3 +33.421           9    
  10. 69 Nicky hayden – Ducati Team +34.724                          5
  11. 7  Hiroshi Aoyama  – Repsol Honda +37.359                     8
  12. 17 Karel Abraham – Cardion AB Motoracing +43.964          12
  13. 19 Alvaro Bautista – Rizla Suzuki  +47.654                      15
  14. 14 Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing Team +48.840          17   
  15. 24 Toni Elias – LCR Honda MotoGP +1.15.199                   13        
  • 35 Cal Crutchlow - Monster Yamaha Tech3                        14
If we plant trees we can't pick the fruit in the same time we grow, we will harvest the fruit when the time comes, but the most important, we don't stop to provide the best we can do. 

rev. motogp.com, gpone, and others

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