dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

MotoGP 2011 Result and Review 4 in 1 (FP3, QP, WUP and Race ) - Sachsenring Circuit

After hard Free Practice 3, Valentino Rossi just rode his bike to only for 10th, 8th and back to 12th and like every MotoGP weekend, he was stuck and finished for 12th with +1.167 off the lead p. All fans and team getting worried already, because it was round 9 of 18 from 2011 season.

And at the same time other riders running in the front row, Casey Stoner, Marco Simoncelli, Jorge Lorenzo, Andrea Dovizioso they're side by side goes to top position. Some crashed happened in Free Practice 3 Marco Simoncelli Lost the front in the same corner with Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner at FP1, and Karel Abraham has crashed too when he was on 10th Position and finally finished this practice for 11th.And one crashed again from Colin Edwards finished for 10th place.

For this the last Free Practice in German the World Championship Jorge Lorenzo strongly got 1st place with time 1.22.112, Dani Pedrosa looks like having back his fitness 100% for 2nd faster in Practice only with gap + 0,041 and his team mate Casey Stoner took a 4th position behind Marco Simoncelli.

Nicky Hayden became the leader of Ducati bike in 6th position, only one step behind the Repsol Honda rider Andrea Dovizioso. Ben Speis just able at 8th place with gap 0.660 with his team mate and more slower than the one rider for Suzuki Rizla Alvaro Bautista in 7th place.

Cal Crutchlow for 13th, Hiroshi Aoyama at 14th, Hector Barbera with his Ducati at 15th, Toni Elias still struggling for 16th and Sylvain Guintoli replacing Loris Capirossi was 17th.

Waiting around 4 hours and Qualifying Practice was going with dry track condition and temperature on air is about 25 degree. All riders ready to ride his bike as fast as they can to be able to get front row for the next day race.

And when the QP start Marco Simoncelli take earlier lead with 1.22.781 but break with Casey Stoner at the final season with 1.21.681 and made Casey took his 6th pole position of this season and for this QP Super Sic will start the race from 4th position. Dani Pedrosa without doubt already running full for this time and made him got 2nd place for start the race. Jorge Lorenzo for German race start from 3rd and his team mate improve his time from practice and finished the QP for 5th place and Andrea Dovizioso for 6th place

And for row three for the next race race occupied by Colin Edward, Nicky Hayden and Randy De Puniet. And the next row for Alvaro Bautista 10th, Hector Barbera 11th and Cal Crutchlow after got big crash will start for 12th.

Some crashed happened for Qualifying and Karel Abraham was crash for 3rd time in today qualifying and finished at 13th, the only one rider from Japan Hiroshi Aoyama at 14th and Toni Elias 15th.

And the last grid position for Sylvain Guintoli at 17th. Already Front row until last row but we didn't put the biggest name of Valentino Rossi because he finished on this Qualifying only one fast before the last fast and he will start Sachsenring race at 16th the worst start from Valentino Rossi ever.

He didn't improve his time at all after riding 6th lap until the end of the Qualifying. Stuck with the time only 1.23.320 with gap +1.639 with the pole position. Unreasonable but it was happened.

We will see from my point of view why Valentino Rossi bike always stuck for 12th and for this time only able to start from the second last grid. What is the real problem of Valentino Rossi with his bike and like we already know the bike didnt get a good front and make the rider didnt get comfortable to riding and push hard this bike. and some experiment already Valentino and team trying like combining GP12 and GP 11 for GP11.1 but didn't work like they want. And this Qualifying result made he think going back again to GP11 in Laguna. This bike was very worst but Valentino Rossi with all his talent and capability always show o us the great riding in every race. Like this time even though start for 16th of 17th on the grid its really hard but he promised to do the race with all spirit he has and he never won't let his fans going down. And the one made him always amazing he never blame anyone on this case he just said full of humorous "The lucky thing for me is Loris Capirossi isn't here and riding, if he in here pretty sure I'll be the last on this grid". Like Always smile and humble
When we see with what Valentino Rossi said, we still can hope we will get something spectacular for the next race and for sure he and team will working hard to find some modification for WUP and race.

Twenty minutes for warming up in the morning with dry condition for Sachsenring and the trend for this season didn't change to much, Casey Stoner at front with his best lap of 1'22"132, follow by Jorge Lorenzo with gap only +0,177 and Dani Pedrosa very confident in 3rd place gap + 0,280 from his team mate from Aussie. young and handsome rider from Suzuki Rizla Alvaro Bautista was get 3rd place and than he crashed but lucky he didn't get some hurt and finished very excellent at the WUP for 4th position. and for 5th position was Marco Simoncelli. And our hero Valentino Rossi get some improved after bad Qualifying he just got 11th for this warming up but it means he was found some good setting for fighting in race.

When the sky getting cloudy just thinking race will be a cold and will made the race not interesting. But this time Sachsenring become the one great race of this season, we can watch a spectacular overtaking in the straight and in the corner, all goes perfectly should be of the class of the king. Really amazing race.

When the race start the leading group for Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner, Andrea Dovizioso, Marco Simoncelli and Ben Spies, but in the middle of race Ben Spies going out from the leading group so only five riders fighting to grab the crown. Really impressing watching Dani Pedrosa really slowly but sure took a second place on laps 16th with smooth overtaking and he made all of people cant breath well when 2 laps to go he took and winning this race with gap + 1.477 from second position by Jorge Lorenzo after brilliant overtaking in the last lap from Casey Stoner. And the Aussie got 3rd Podium.

What a good race shown by second group with Andrea Dovizioso, Marco Simoncelli and Ben Spies, they all battle for 4th place and finally the Repsol Honda rider from Italia Andrea Dovizioso got 13 point in 4th position and following by Ben Spies with his Yamaha in 5th and Marco Simoncelli for 6th after did some great laps and his rear tire really worn so wisely he said "It's better to finish sixth than to crash out and not finish at all."

And third group was battle for seventh place and the riders on this group really three riders I love and they are Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden and Alvaro Bautista. And after some overtaking happened Alvaro Bautista won proud battle ever for 7th place with Ducati riders Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden in the last lap. Just will be a great race from him. And Nicky Hayden more faster touching a finish line than Valentino Rossi so he grab a 8th place for this race. Valentino Rossi after hard start in 16th got a best result even though he must lost his 7th place and got 9th position, but its the one he can prove to all people thats he still the best rider.
He did a good lap by lap to made him more close on the front and very realistic with his bike condition he already more faster than Alvaro and Nicky but he felt some problem in his gearbox, that's why when Alvaro pass him on the straight, made him didn't get it back but Valentino Rossi said very easily "but it was fun"

After the great race he did, even it was very worst because only for 7th position and the big gap about 10seconds with the lead, but Valentino really happy to doing battle again after suck boring race he already did. And it was made him confuse again what bike he will ride in Laguna Seca., still with GP11.1 or  back to the old bike GP11 And made his team decided will bring both of GP 11 and GP 11.1 for Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden at Laguna Seca.

He already show to us some interesting race in Germany even though not for front row, it made us very sure some lighting will be bright soon, Valentino Rossi will be back and stand on top step again, and we will always say thanks to him because he always show to us again and again about what we called racing. Very Proud to have Idol like Valentino Rossi

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