dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

Six Yamaha Bikes in One Stage MOTOGP 2014

4th January 2014 at 8pm, Yamaha did Press Conference with title "Yamaha Motorsports Press Conference 2014". This moment for me is more than only press conference, because in this event for the 1st time we can meet up with all riders using Yamaha bike for 2014 season at one stage. And for sure as we know Yamaha bike is having a very good speed and now with total 6 Yamaha bikes on this championship will make this sport more lovable and entertaining to watch for.

First rider came to the stage is Jorge Lorenzo with hat and glasses, he was walking very confident to the stage and all media who are there gave a very big applause and he smiled and wove to all of us. The 2nd name called by the MC with the words “the famous rider in the world ….. Valentino Rossi” with his wonderful smile, he’s walking slowly and turn his head around to the audience, just feel the big charisma of him hardly.

And the next are riders for Yamaha Tech 3,

Bradley Smith who’s already joins on this team from last year and now he has the new teammate Pol Espargaro, the Moto2 2013 World Champion. As we know, started from 2014, Yamaha have leasing agreement with their YZR-M1 with NGM Mobile Forward Racing team. Who make all MotoGP fans so excited with this team is because Collin “Texas Tornado” Edward will ride one of the 2 bikes on this team with team mate AleixEspargaro.

When we look to the rider composition of Yamaha for 2014, for sure all the names of the ridersisall the very good talent on this sport.

As we know Yamaha YZR-M1 is already a very good bike and now with some adjustment the bike must be even more perfect to ride. The baby “M1” (sometimes we called like that because Valentino Rossi really love this bike) have some improvement than 2013, the engineer make some changes for the ECU due to the New Rule from Dorna, make adjustment on the seamless gearbox and they called it more sophisticated Seamless Gearbox, and with it we’re really hope that they can make some improvementof speed in every corner of the track and make them to not losing more of time and make more gap with others.

After 3rd day test, Valentino Rossi’s result seems more have his feeling with his M1 and he really had a good confident when we saw the way he ride the bike in every lap, and it means Yamaha’s engineersare doing great with some improvement they made. And with all the comments from the 6 riders after the 1st test for sure the engineers will try again to have some solution to fix and make the bike more competitive.

Here are some of the quotes from Valentino Rossi with his baby M1 after finished the entire 3rdday test :

“The test has been very good, I’m very happy, especially for the second position and more than that for the lap time which is the best of my career in Sepang. It’s the first time under 2’00 for me and just one tenth from Marc and the overall record of the track.”

“I found a good feeling with the bike, we found some good solutions and it’s been very positive,” he added. 

“We tried a simulation in the afternoon that was very good to understand any problems. We suffered a bit to keep a good pace but it wasn't so bad. For the first test the balance was good.”

And we also got surprise from AleixEspargaro constantly he got 7th, 5th and 4th for the whole test and means that it’s really good progress for Yamaha bike.

Keep all the good work Yamaha; we all hope that we can see the 10thon this year. It will be awesome if Valentino Rossi can make it this year. Because Valentino Rossi never stops trying and we’ll never stop believing in him.

Be one team is beginning, believing each other is process, find success together is result, become famous is bonus

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