dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

Scott Redding with MotoGP 2014

It’s been a while I’m not writing here, and time goes by so fast, The New Season of MotoGP2014 have just started. Not the race yet only the winter test at SepangCircuit, but the sound of the bike is incredibly enough for all this sport  fans to  release the longing to this highly bike championship.

Things that make this 2014 been waiting for is because some of the blind prediction already comes and make us feel more excited about how this season will be going. Is Valentino Rossi will improve with the baby M1 and make 10th, or could be Marc Marquez more impressive with his bike and grab the thropy again, than not possible Jorge Lornezo will push hard his bike to take back the tittle that regardless, perhaps as well Dani Pedrosa, Aleix Espargaro or another new riders make a surprise. Interesting!!!

I have my luckiness again to come and watch live how the test was going, some of the best thing is where I can be one of guests who come the Yamaha Press Conference 2014 on 4 February 2014, the first time we can see the 6 bikes of Yamaha on one stage.

Beside that I have some very amazing1st experience on Sepang Circuit. 

For this time I would share my walking interview with the British young rider who just upgrade his class from Moto2 to MotoGP after a very great result on Moto2 class 2013. Not only because he’s so great on the race he also nice and very kind person with the fans. It was not my first time met and have some good conversation about bike, we met last year in Sepang and Motegi and all the time it been always a very lovable time to chat with him.

Scott Redding was born on January 4th, last year on Moto2 he rode the bike very well but due to with his crashed and injured, he will not be able to be the World Champion, but however we need to give a 4 thumbs up for his fight spirit.

Under the hot weather of SepangCircuit around 15.14, I visited his paddock and we had some great time together talk about his new experience on MotoGP class, we’re walking around the paddock to continue the conversation.

Nicely he said that he was remember our meeting in Motegi and we chat a little bit about our condition and without wasting any more time, I directly asked about his new bike and what he feel with it also about the different between Moto2 and MotoGP bike.

He looks very enthusiastic and answered : “I’m pretty happy with the bike but I can’t push it hard at this moment because lots of thing I need to know better. Yes the bike is very different, on Moto2 we don’t need much to control only ride like we ride the bike but in MotoGP lots of needed to be understood as electronic and breaking. The hard thing is in the corner, very hard to follow to find a great balance because it’s very fast bike. But overall the bike is good but on this time maybe the “other bike” faster than us but I’m sure on the second test we will have some speed on our bike. I just love to be back for riding again and I feel so happy with this bike”; and than we need to end the walking interview with some photo of us. At that time no body around us, so Scott have an idea to took camera by our self, me hold the camera and Scott help push the button. Very fun between rider and ordinary fans.

Good attitude Scot Redding and we believe with your spirit and skill, by joining on this championship the race will be more entertaining. Young, Fast, Brave and Kind. Keep your smile for this sport and all the fans.

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