dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

Karel Abraham still feel lot of pain on shoulder MOTOGP 2014

Second day of 1st MotoGP test in Sepang was very unforgettable time for me, the atmosphere on the paddock feel warmer and so friendly. When I’m going down from the media center and looking around, the flamboyant rider Karel Abraham walking slowly around paddock and look hurt with his leg.

I just come there and had chit chat about the condition and the older time we met before. Just relax and very pleasure talking with him, and I a little bit curious with the way he walk.

Me:  “What’s wrong with your leg?
KA: (answered with smile) “Actually my leg is not too problem but my shoulder is still very pain after last year crashed.”  
Me: “Are you not have some surgery?” (Curious face) 
KA: “I did, all recovery also going very well as I feel, but yesterday when I tried to ride the bike, I feel not comfort again on my shoulder, pain” 
Me: “Hmm.. I think it’s the same problem as Valentino Rossi before on the last 4 years before when he had injured on his shoulder. Need long time recovery due to the pain sometimes comes back after did some braking with the bike” (Guess face...)
KA: (smile and shrugged his shoulders) “Not sure but maybe yes. I don’t have any conversation about it with him yet. But I feel the same after did some breaking, lots of pain.” 
Me: “hope it will be better soon before the Qatar race. Anyhow, how about your new bike, what engine do you use?”
KA : “Honda, and everything is very good, easy to ride and I like the chassis.”
Me : “Glad to hear that, hmm may I know what is the first thing that make you so in love with this sport? You not feel scary in the corner with very high speed? 
KA: “hmm.. since I was a little boy I already like this sport, yes… some people said it was scary and danger sport but I like to be on the bike. Enjoy…(smile with eyes think far) the feel on the corner is good I can’t describe it with word" 
Me : “Is it the same feel like when we in the roller coaster?”
KA : (laughing..) “Naaa…. It’s different, Roller coaster I think more scary, in the corner we feel so fun”
Me: (Imagine…) “hmm ok, keep safe ridding for you and enjoy 
KA : (smile)
Me : “Nice to talk with you Karel, hope we can see you more fit on the second test and can try for the maximum on your bike, good luck” 
KA : “I hope the same, thank you for the support”
Before we trully end it, we both trying take a photo but some problem happened with the camera but with very patiently Karel was waiting and smile and "zappp" photo just complete.

And then finally I need to end the very friendly conversation, short but lots of meaning.
We can see with the eyes clearly how brave all riders are. They know actually this sport sometimes danger, with the high speed, extreme track and competition inside must be so scary for ordinary people like me. But with love and passion the hard thing can be so enjoyable. 

Keep this sport safe and entertaining; show always to us the real meaning of it. Really can’t wait to watch the real race of MotoGP on Qatar when the journey really begins.

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