dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 12 Juni 2011


Valentino Rossi got unexpected result for all Friday Practice on Silverstone circuit at June 10th 2011, and also on Saturday practice and the Qualifyng Practice, the gap with the lead is very far and also with his team mate Nicky Hayden.

GAP                     FP1     FP 2     FP3         QP
VR with the Lead 3.327    3.769   2.949    3.761
VR with NH         2.297    2.365   1.186    1.477

He's already know for sure for the first time he ride and know the track with Desmo GP 11 will be difficult for him but to imagine the gap is very far maybe he didn't predict.

But like we know he always optimistic with all result and all condition he has. And he more confident too because his team mate Nicky Hayden doing all Friday Practice and getting a great time, so its mean the bike is completly good to be the fast in this year compare with data from the last years.

Valentino Rossi with Nicky Hayden have a good relationship, and its make both of them can share and compare the data, even though both of them have a different style and setting on this bike.

Valentino Rossi always honest and humble to said his condition and he could always could perfectly said "I'll ask Hayden for help and compare the data and usually the slower guy take some inspiration from the fast one"

See all harmonize both of them be one team. And I love when Nicky giving the big respect when for te first time Valentino Rossi join to Ducati. We already knew before this season, long time ago in 2003 they both already be a great team in Repsol Honda Team.

The first time Nicky Hayden join the MotoGP class after won AMA Championship and he was very awesome because he brake Triple Champion by Matt Mladdin for 2002. And the lucky one for Nicky Hayden because he join with Repsol Honda (replace Tohru Ukawa) and have a amazing team mate Valentino Rossi.

All happened in 2003 is very awesome and nice friendship, not only when they on the pit but also in the out of race, they sometime share holidays. So sweet. Because Nicky always give respect to Valentino and Valentino always happy because Nicky can understand him. They both still sportive on the race and warm and friendly out side, so all only happy thing.

And its not stop until 2003 only when they in one time but after also, like when Nicky Hayden be World Championship in 2006, Valentino Rossi very proud and feel the happinest too he said " If I dont win this championship I'm happy its Nicky. Actually Nicky Hayden only won by 5 points and Valentino Rossi lost many point on this year because the trouble of the machine, but race is race, in the fact Nicky Hayden is the World Championship and Valentino Rossi always support and said how much Nicky deserved to get the Championship

But like we all know Valentino Rossi always nice and friendly to all people around him, and it's sometime make him feel bit nervous when the race come, because he very different when in the track, he doesn't like to be friend on the track. It's showing on his symbol Sun and Moon.

Many happened in 2003, when they being team mate for a year. Valentino Rossi has a trouble fasse at the moment. Like happened in LeMans and Sachsenring, he made a couple of mistake. In Le Mans he was on front and the gap is almost 3 seconds with the 2nd place Sete Gibernau and in the mid of the race started to rain and it's was happened a great battle with Valentino, they passing each other many time and in the last turn before the finish line Valentino overtook but badly  ran wide and then Gibernau won this battle

For Sachsenring its happened again like the Deja vu, He lose the podium one because he lets Gibernau catch him on purpose to fight the last lap and also the same action in the last corner make Gibernau stole his podium and won again.

And many happened with Nicky Hayden too in this year, the first year he’s racing in the class of the king. He grab first podium in Philip Island and it was the first time Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden were join Podium. Really beautiful moment on their friendship is so pure.

Actually the first podium for Nicky is already happened inMotegi, but he didn’t standing on podium, because Tamada was declassified after he passed Gibernau on last lap and pushed Gibernau in the Gravel and he was penalized, so Nicky at the moment in 4th up to 3rd.

See, all happened between Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden is very spectacular and nice. They laugh, fight and share happiness together. And now after 2003 they not in the same team and same bike, but now after seven years the fight in the different way, and universe make denstiny and Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi being a team mate, and all the harmonize never end. Friendship with the pure heart and the honest mind never broke event the time separete them.

So we all very sure all problem Valentino Rossi did in the practice will be solve when they team sharing all data together

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  1. friendship is like a chemistry. "one plus one is not equal to two. they have a boundless energy", this article tells me so. I like two of them - Vale and Nicky - because their friendship is not a fake one for the business. and more than one person is laying his/her hands on them. I've been reading your blog. I love this article and also your writing tone. thanks.