dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 20 Juni 2011


In Le Mans race not only about Pedrosa crashed and make him absent until Round 6 Silverstone and we still don't know when he will back to ride again for this season. But the news about Valentino Rossi passed Dovizioso under the yellow flag be a big discusion but its not proved and he didnt do that.

In Catalunya we showed the white flag in the middle of the race and than all crew in the paddock very busy to prepare the second bike, but the situation never did until the end of the race, no riders back to change the bike.

So what is mean Yellow flag, White flag and others flags in MotoGP. Let trying to make it detail one by one. Actually this flags not using only for MotoGP and Formula 1 but applies in other International Racing world also. But becasue the car in F1 is drove with a high speed, so very difficult to drivers to see the flag being hoisted. thats why in F1 car can see a special display name's  GPS Marshalling System. The display will light up according to the color of flag that was flow in the circuit racing.

And for MotoGP the flag ussualy flown by the Marshal around the track to be seen clearly by the riders.

So here we go the flags color and the mean of the flags :

CHEQUERED FLAG, This flag state the race was over, the flag was first hoisted to the winners and then to every riders behind and pass the finish line. And for the Free Practice and Qualifying practice is mean the practice time is end.

YELLOW FLAG  indicating danger on the track, as a bike damaged in the middle of the track. If only a yellow flag was raised to tell the riders to slow down and no overtaking the other rider when the flag is flown. But if the two yellow flags flew in the same time means the riders must slow down and be prepared to stop is necessary.

GREEN FLAG its a sign the trouble or danger on the track was handle so the riders can move on again and the sign from yellow flag is over. Also the start of each practice session and it's waved also at the end of pitline for the opening of the sessions

RED FLAG will be hoisted when in case of a fatal accident or track condition not a good due from bad weather.  and the race will be stop. But for bad weather during the race for now the race not stop anymore, but riders can change bike in their pit.

BLUE FLAG is waved in front of a pilot or a group of pilots to inform that a faster rider or a group is behind them. It can be in normal race conditions if the marshalls think the pilots behind are faster than the ones in front. And also in the case of overlapping a pilot or group of pilots. It's waved to inform to riders that he would be in over lap with others. And the flag are also placed at the end of the exit of pit to let riders know  when on the track other riders close on there. 

WHITE WITH THE DIAGONAL RED and  YELLOW RED STRIP HORIZONTAL mean rain a head and the track was slippery but its can happen because by oil on the track or when rains come.

WHITE FLAG  means Pit is open and the riders have to get into the pit to change the bike because of changing weather and track condition

BLACK WITH ORANGE CIRCLE FLAG usually will show with the numbers of rider to let rider know, he was having mechanical problem in his bike and tell the rider to get back into the pit

BLACK & WHITE FLAG also flown with the numbers of rider  is mean the rider did someting unfair or out from rules, if the rider ignore this signn the race direction will give a BLACK FLAG. and when the flag is flown means the rider back into the oit anc not able to continue the race because get disqualified from race direction because the rider mistake

There the means of many flags on Racing world but maybe still some flags again, so when you read it and find something color missing on this article or the wrong of mean with the flags, please let me know and write in the comment box on this blog. 

Sometimes if we  know a little bit about something, doesn't mean we can't be able to share. Just share and let people read and it would give us know more about what's less in our knowledge and it could increase it more and more about something that we like in our passion

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