dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 14 April 2013

Thanks for coming, Nicky Hayden

Met riders in circuit when he had a schedule to race is wonderful thing, because we can feel how their adrenaline before or after the race going.
But when we can have a chance to met rider in our country is very awesome experience. I felt so blessed because my country Indonesia is the one country have a lot of fans of MotoGP although we don't have a good circuit to be host of MotoGP. So on April 2013 after got visited from two riders MotoGP from Yamaha factory team Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in January 2013, now the time for the gorgeous rider from USA who riding for Ducati bike Nicky Hayden who visit Jakarta and meet with all his fans who want to meet him.

Nicky Hayden and dsulistiyo in Jakarta, Indonesia
I have my lucky to met Nicky Hayden in Indonesia, Grateful is the first word I said when I got the invitation. As we know when super star come to other country they must have a bodyguard to protect the star to feel comfort. And it was happened with Nicky Hayden, but all his fans who come here  need to be very happy, because Nicky Hayden is different, he totally humble and very nice. Nicky Hayden deeply understand that his Indonesia fans really want to be able to interact with him a little bit, so even after he convoy with his leather under very hot sun of Jakarta weather, he still gave his time to  smile and take a photo for all his fans who waiting there.

Nicky Hayden Autograph on my Fav Photo
Lot of fans got chance to took a photo with him and also got his autograph and I'm also one of the lucky fans who can took picture together and the happy one when he gave his autograph in my favorite picture with him. 

Thanks for coming to Indonesia especially Jakarta and thanks for your smile. Let's get it

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