dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 26 April 2013

Circuit Of The America being witness history of Marc Marquez

Once again Marc Marquez dominate on the Austin track without any doubt after start from pole position and need to be down first to second position due his choose with the hard tyre while any other riders used soft tyres, so he need to more patient to make his tyre quite warm to get a good grip. When he sure the temperature of tyre ready to attack with very smooth and confident he just passed his teammate Dani Pedrosa and lead until the finish line of Austin track. And the achievement he got of this circuit is not only being a fastest with 1st podium but also be the youngest rider to win a premier Grand Prix.

The synergy between Marc Marquez and Austin circuit just like the circuit builder for himself. Wonderful and he didn’t get any problem 20 corners in every lap. Marc Marquez have a very great talent, and he also get lucky because MotoGP on this year change the rule and make him able to jump from moto2 championship to the factory bike in this championship. The right man in the right place and the right time.
And same as expectation before, The British rider Cal Cruthclow really did and consistent in every lap, he can arrive ahead from Stefan Bradl and Valentino Rossi, who both of them followed the test on this circuit before.

Over the entire race in Austin is having a class, but less of battle. With the far gap between them make this race a little bit monotone to watch. Not as spectacular as Qatar, not because Valentino Rossi can jump from 6th to 2nd place but because lot of overtake we can watch on this time.

Valentino Rossi on Austin race was very difficult he had lot of problem on his bike since the practice on first day, the team trying hard to solve it on the Warming Up Practice and did some modification for the care, but on the first lap he got trouble with the disc brake and broke of a piece and force him to more calm and carefully, because with that problem make him very difficult to control the bike in every lap. The soft tyres he choose also make the problem bigger, with the damage of tyre just make him to realize to manage the bike until the finish line.

But Valentino Rossi with his spirit never give up said that we still have lot of race in this season and we still have lot of race who in love with my bike and I do love with the track, so we still have very big motivation to keep optimist with all race in front of us. And with the sportive of him also gave a big applause for Marc Marquez after very good and phenomenal achievement from the rookie, who got a victory on his second race in MotoGP and he still said that Lorenzo is the best rider on this moment.

Valentino Rossi know how to face this condition, even he didn't get podium on his 2nd race after he comeback to Yamaha but the gap of the world standing is still good. The optimistic of him, the sportive attitude of him, and the warmest of him always make everybody want have a partnership with him, that's why after Austin race he will drive four wheels NASCAR to shoot commercial video with Monster Energy at the oval of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Whatever the race going but the magnet of MotoGP until now is still Valentino Rossi. No wonder lot of people give him title The G.O.A.T aka Great Of All Time.

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