dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

The Real Valentino Rossi on Twitter

Twitter is the one of so many social media that's  very popular and easy to use for all people. For people only for fun, for Company for doing some promotion, and for public figure to keep in touch with all their fans around the world.

And MotoGP the popular motor bike sport using this social media also for publish any news and event they all do and it was very effective, many riders  using this for making all MotoGP fans knowing better their activities. And sometime before start the race the riders will put sign to camera  when to shoot him to follow the Twitter account, for collecting more followers.

We are sure, the most loved rider  in this championship is Valentino Rossi, but we all know he didn't like with social media like facebook or something like twitter. And we all hoping Valentino Rossi one day will create his twitter account. And while waiting the dream come true, all "Yellow Army" around the world wearing hashtag #ValentinoRossi to deliver their desire to support Valentino Rossi. And all went well even no one answer when we put some mention on the hashtag but sometime we answered what the other fans put on there, or going natural without lessening our admiration and love to him.

And finally the dream comes true, when Davide Brivio with his account twitter @Davide_Brivio on Oct 12th put mention "Valentino Rossi is on Twitter, he is really him! Follow him @ValeYellow46" and burst all TimeLine flooded by the news about Valentino Rossi on twitter, and its very fast he got more than 2k only a couple minutes after Davide Brivio put that news, but a lot of people still thinking the account was fake and Davide Brivio account got hack or some error, but when @DucatiMotor (official twitter account for red bike from Italy) put their mention about confirmed the @ValeYellow46 is real Valentino Rossi its more incredible the account got 6K really fast. He don't need more promotion to his fans following his Twitter, Valentino Rossi truly humble and he is very great so we all  very pleasure to following him.

Valentino Rossi created the twitter account at Oct 7th 2011 time 15.00 with time zone Rome, and his Bio is "Pilota da corsa" means "Racing Rider" , he put his web :  "http://valentinorossi.com"

We all "YELLOW ARMY" very happy with the news, the idol really close to us. But now we still have one hope again about Valentino Rossi account, we want and wish that  he will put mention in English language, so all his fans around the world will understand. 

Follow @ValeYellow46 and feel the champion spirit, humble and kindly hearted of VALENTINO ROSSI

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  1. Great to see him finally on Twitter, as if we can communicate directly to The Doctor. Its amazing that within 6 hours there are 6000 followers, I am happy that we can get in touch with the G.O.A.T. Welcome to Twitter Vale! Love you! We will always support you in bad or good times.