dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Special Brno 2011 Valentino Rossi and me

After rest about four weeks following the Laguna Seca race the special round of MotoGP will be started soon, Brno Circuit will be hosting for round 11 for  this season with the tittle Cardion AB Grand Prix Cesk√© Republiky. This Circuit is  one of the very wonderful and flowing circuit, because the circuit have a lot of chicanes and a serious elevation change and it will need great skills of rider  to brake without lost the time in every brake. Automotodrom Brno length of the track is 5403 meters with wide of the track is 15 meters and have six left corners and eight right corners.

This circuit was very important for Valentino Rossi career in the racing world. For the first time when he joint  this championship in 1996 he got first world championship at Brno  with bike AGV Aprilia RS125R at August 18th  and made him become the 5th in world standing.

In 1997 for the first time he became the World Champion in class 125 cc for Nastro Azzuro Team with Aprillia bike and he was very dominant in this year with 11 victories of  the 15 races and at August 31th in Brno circuit, he only able take a podium for 3rd position.

Something bad  happened at Brno August 23th 1998 for him because he crashed when he fought for 3rd position, he tried to ride back  his bike, but he can't do anything the bike was broken and three marshals trying to help him  but it didn't work, so made him just standing in front of his bike look and just look. But this year he was still have good result for 2nd position only 3 point behind Loris Capirossi.

August 22 1999, Valentino Rossi was back for his victory at Brno started the race from 3rd position and he doing all the 20 laps very briliantly and he took his victory back after great battle with Ralf Waldmann and made him be World Champion for 250 cc class with nine victories and three podium achievement made him more popular and incredible in racing sports.

He grows and growing faster on this championship, he goes to premier class 500 cc after took two time world championship in two classifications and brought him rode  Honda bike for team Nastro Azzurro and than  met Jeremy Burgess as a mentor for his first time riding with Honda. It was also his first time ride in same track with Max Biaggi. Round 11 of MotoGP at August 20 2000 was Brno with started from 2nd grid at 5th place he was able to grabbed 2nd position behind Max Biaggi. And made him become runner up for final standing for that year. What the best rider ever ? when he turn for the first time in new class and he can achieved the great performance.

Didn't stop on there, Valentino Rossi still fighting for World Champion title in this class, and at August 26th, 2001 in Brno he got 1st place again without any battle after Max Biaggi crashed because the gap with 2nd place Alec Criville is +3.374 and it was 4th victory for that season and he won first world championship for 500cc. 

2002 it's the first time MotoGP era and Valentino Rossi with all charisma and skill he has doing the best and become the World Champion for the new classification even though he can't finished in Brno at August 25, 2002. but it was happened because some trouble in his tyre,  he went  back to pit and trying to fix it with changing the tyre and he continue again the race but he saw he was too far at 18th position so he can't get even only for one point so he decided to go back to his box to end his race in here.

The one interesting race happened at Brno in August 17th 2003, Valentino Rossi started in pole and have a good battle for 1st position with Sete Gibernau, Troy Bayliss, and Loris Capirossi but Capirex stop earlier because the problem on his bike. And Valentino doing a great last lap with Sete Gibernau and Vale can stole the first position in the finish line. Really good racer.

Tenth round of MotoGP 2004 it was Brno at August 22,2004, Valentino Rossi started the race from third place, it was first time he was riding with Yamaha at Brno and the rythem of the race is very good with a great fight again with Sete Gibernau like the last year but for this year Valentino Rossi trying to pass Sete at the 6 laps to go but he has some problem with his rear tire and he lost a grip, so made him lose a bit time to control the bike, but he still got a 2nd podium, and he was still the lead of the championship  of the season and the end of the season he won the World Championship for this year with 304 point.

And again victory for Valentino Rossi at Brno and this time happened at August 28th 2005. At the begining he already leading immediately with his bike and Sete Gibernau  didn't want Vale riding alone at front so he trying to close his bike to Vale's bike and it was the one action, difficult to find such battle like this championship for now, battle side by side for the first position like Valentino Rossi did with Sete Gibernau, very brave, interesting. lap by lap with a great battle and almost half lap to go Sete Gibernau can't run his bike again, not because the bike was broken but because the bike didn't have enough fuel to run the bike into finish line, so for 22 laps for this season Valentino Rossi got his victory again and just need one more race again for him to be the world Champion for this season.

2006 was become the year for Valentino Rossi with a lot of problems with tyre and crashed , and in this year at Brno  August 20 he lost about 51 point with the leader Nicky Hayden with six races to go.
When the race started Loris Capirossi was leading and Valentino Rossi trying to  close the gap but didn't work well, Loris running very fast and Valentino can't close him but he still doing great battle with Dani Pedrosa and in this race Valentino got 2nd podium behind Loris Capirossi. But like we already know Valentino always doing some battle and made the race like an action movie very interesting.

And Continue again for Brno 2007 at August 19, Valentino Rossi trying to do some good race like always he did and he show to us the extremely interesting battle with Chris Vermeulen  and Loris Capirossi but the problem of his tyre and the grip of his front doesn't help him too much on this battle made him only finished at 7th place, but Valentino Rossi still Valentino Rossi, almost all spectator in this circuit enjoyed his performance, his style of race and the one thing his humble smile

August 17, 2008 the headline at Brno was Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner, because last year at Brno Casey dominated the race and all people want to see a great battle  for both of them, and Casey Stoner riding very fast and Valentino Rossi following but unluckily for the Aussie he was crash 16 laps to go, and made Valentino Rossi leading until the end of the Brno race. And the sweetest word for Valentino Rossi is "Of course I can't count this as a complete victory because Casey fell and I'm sorry for him"

The start for Brno August 16th, 2009 still Valentino Rossi but the other rider that become headline in here was Jorge Lorenzo after did a great overtake to pass Valentino Rossi, Jorge must stopped the race because he crashed at 6 laps to go, really dramatic race and Valentino Rossi won the victory again in here, and it was his 101 won in this Grand Prix. Valentino Rossi always honest to gave comment about other rider he  respected, like he said about Lorenzo "currently regarded as the next Rossi". See what he said, only the 'Master' can gave a wonderful comment like that.

Brno Circuit in 2010  a lot happened  for career of Valentino Rossi in here, he tested with Yamaha YZF R1 in here before he go back to ride after injured in Mugello and decided will come back at Sachsenring, and August 15 2010 was very eagerly awaited by all MotoGP lovers around the world, because after the race Valentino Rossi will announce about the next career of MotoGP after seven fantastic seasons of racing with the team and made him won four times Word  Championship Title. After he finished at 5th position in Czech Republic Grand Prix he said with very touching about his end of contract with Yamaha "I think that here in Yamaha my work is finished the situation within here has changed a lot since 2004, now my baby (M1) is maybe the best bike in this Championship and Yamaha have  great riders also, so its looks like they don't need me anymore and unfortunately even the most beautiful love stories finish, but she's leave a lot of wonderful memory" See what was he said, all proving how humble and honest him what everything happened with all, he and the team already did with the bike and he continue said "I'm so curious and motivated for the new challenge and I think an Italian rider on an Italian bike will be great for Italian fans" 

We already know only eight races left in this season but Ducati and Valentino Rossi didn't show the best of the result when they together, only one time he got podium for 3rd place and he still struggle to find the best way for his performence.

But I really sure when we read all what happened at Brno ,all have a great memory for him and the important  one is all Brno races on August months and it was  very special month for me. And the spectacular one Brno Race 2011 will happen at August 14, and that date is my birthday, so I'm very very sure he will give  me some surprises with full of love for me (in my dream!!!), such as applying new electronic modification. And anything that will happen at Brno for me it will be my perfect present. Thanks for Valentino Rossi making my life very wonderful and full of joy, with all his attitude and spirit of life he teach to me. You keep shining in my life because you show to me how to be bright even in the season without light. 


Time Schedule MotoGP Cardion AB Grand Prix Cezh Republic

Local Time at Brno GMT +2                                 Indonesia Time GMT + 7

Friday August 12, 2011                                         Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011
125 cc   FP 1       09.15 - 09.55                                     14.15 - 14.55
MotoGP FP 1      10.10 - 10.55                                     15.10 - 15.55
Moto2    FP 1       11.10 - 11.55                                    16.10 - 16.55

125cc    FP 2       13.15 - 13.55                                     18.15 - 18.55
MotoGP FP2       14.10 - 14.55                                     19.10 - 19.55
Moto2    FP 2       15.10 - 15.55                                     20.10 - 20.55

Saturday, August 13th, 2011                                Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011
125 cc    FP 3      09.15 - 09.55                                     14.15 - 14.55
MotoGP FP 3      10.10 - 10.55                                     15.10 - 15.55
Moto2    FP 3       11.10 - 11.55                                    16.10 - 16.55

125cc    QP         13.00 - 13.40                                     18.00 - 18.40
MotoGP QP        13.55 - 14.55                                     18.55 - 19.55
Moto2    QP         15.10 - 15.55                                     20.10 - 20.55

Sunday, August 14th, 2011                              Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011
125 cc    WUP      08.40 - 09.00                                     13.40 - 14.00
Moto2    WUP       09.10 - 09.30                                    14.10 - 14.30
MotoGP WUP      09.40 - 10.00                                    14.40 - 15.00

125 cc    Race      11.00                                                 16.00
Moto2     Race      12.15                                                 17.15
MotoGP  Race      14.00                                                 19.00

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  1. very complate, really like ur blog, hopefully on Sunday #VR can give the best results and become a special gift for you :)

  2. thanks for read and like my blog. its honour for me. And yes I wish Vale will give me the best present in my birthday, Thanks again xx