dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 23 Mei 2011

VALENTINO ROSSI, " NEVER SAY NEVER " (First time ride at Silverstone) )

After his first podium with Ducati at Le-Mans he not back home to Italy but he go to Silverstone and on Tuesday May 17th, 2011 he's test the track on the circuit, because is first time for him to ride in this track, after last year in 2010 he got injury after crashed on FP2 at Mugello and absent to riding in this circuit.

For this season 2011, Circuit Silverstone will host to MotoGP round 7 at June. And When Valentino Rossi doing the test, the circuit has finished renovation for his pit and paddock with ultramodern paddock as a part of to agreement with F1 to be host for 17th years and the renovation is about $43.7 million

pic. by Ducati UK
He trying  the characteristic of Silverstone with riding Ducati World Superbike 1198, but after he ride for 4 laps the bike got problem with engine and electronic, so the test track stop during the bike in the garage. And after all happened,  do you think the test stop? Of course not, he riding again with a standard Ducati 1198 street bike complete with license plate, turn lamp signal and mirror, delivered by Ducati UK. 

Can you imagine, Valentino Rossi the best rider ever, nine times World Champion, the living legend doing the introduction track at Silverstone  with a street bike. He's the best, always can change the worst thing be a great thing. He done almost 30 laps, he's very impressed with the characteristic of circuit and he confident for GP on June.

pic by. motogp.com
And whats he said after he did the introduction race its very  detail and technique. 
He's very complete as Idol, not only rider, he's entertainer, engineer and good analysis too. What he said more complete than riders already did all laps in the real race on this circuit. That's why I said Valentino Rossi "never say never", he aways have idea to make all simple thing be a wonderful thing

"I really had fun, after a few laps with the 1198 Superbike, we had a problem with the electronics and decided to use the 1198 street bike that Ducati’s UK affiliate rushed to us. I really liked riding that bike here. The track is nice—difficult and very technical. It makes you work hard because there are very fast sections where having the right trajectory is important, and others that are very narrow where you have to have good grip under acceleration. The first turn is completely blind, and you must hold a very precise line, and in general the entire first section is really great, definitely the part I like most. In short, I enjoyed it, especially because there were many drivers and riders who have great histories in motorsports, like John Surtees, who told me that he raced here in the ’50s. I wasn’t following racing then,” joked the Italian, “but he was great.”

Look like  Valentino Rossi will doing the best chance for Silverstone because base on data from last year, Nicky Hayden got 4th position and he said after finished is "...this track is fun to ride" and his team mate Casey Stoner on 5th position. and look like the track on paper seemed good for the Ducati bike  chracteristic, even with the layout completely changed from the classic racing track used in the 60's and 70's.

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