dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 13 Juni 2014

Valentino Rossi Precious Moment in Mugello 2014

As we all know, Mugello Race 2014 is Valentino Rossi’s 300th ride on Grand Prix and he got the 3rd podium after epic race from 10th place on the start, and as we know also, that Valentino Rossi always have a thousand way to celebrate his victory and he also always have a lot of way to make all his fans around the world got the same happiness as he feels after having a great race.

We ever saw the interesting celebrations by the 9th time world champion in media, not only that celebration we can see on TV, but also sometimes Valentino Rossi has his own way to celebrate even without any camera or media around, and what he did really touching and show how big heart he has for all fans who loved him.

First time I saw a very touching celebration of Valentino Rossi was in Mugello 2012 and at that moment he rode the Ducati and as we know he did not get  any podium there, but Valentino Rossi is always has a way to make his fans happy with his kindly smile. But as I don’t have any documentation photo of it, so I just can tell that what he did in Mugello 2012 with one of his unhealthy fans who at the moment came with the fans’ father was really incredibly touching my heart. Kindly beautiful hearts of Valentino Rossi clearly showed at that time. 

And the second time was just happened on June 1st 2014 again in Mugello Italy. When Valentino Rossi on podium we heard very clearly how all spectators who came there shouting and cheering for Valentino, After the fence of the tribune opened and all fans coming to the track was really awesome view that we can’t find in any other circuit of MotoGP. Spectacular atmosphere of Mugello.

And after the podium ceremony, Valentino has so many interviews, so all fans were waiting outside his box. Some of them behind the fence and some of them who got luckiness can waiting very near with the Valentino box. It’s quite a long waiting there until finally Valentino Rossi came and all fans gave big applause to them and Valentino Rossi directly walked to upstairs of their box to take a little rest after.

While Valentino Rossi take a rest, all fans still patiently waiting outside and hope can get a chance to take a photo together or maybe close nearly beside him. On there also waiting three fans of Valentino Rossi who were sitting on the wheelchairs, they also have a same dream to be able to meet with their Idol. And not long after that Flavio (VR46 Fan club Official) coming out from the Yamaha box and bring the trophy of Valentino Rossi, but the surprise one was when he handed that trophy to the guys on the wheelchair and that make the three of them so happy and also not believe that can able to touch the precious trophy of Valentino Rossi. We can see the sparkle in their eyes. A beautiful moment.

look his smile,we can feel his humble heart - dsulistiyo -
But the beauty of it does not stop there, surprisingly Valentino Rossi going down from his box and come very friendly to them and gave smile and hold them one by one. This is the amazing of Valentino Rossi, how the way he share happiness is so incredibly touching. He didn’t do such a wonderful thing for exposure in media; Valentino Rossi really did it with sincerely and with love and humility.

He shows us, how to act when we had to be great. 

Because there is nothing nobler than continuously divide to spread happiness and love, even though we have been on top and achieve our success. Success will never feel so wonderful if we can’t share the meaning of the success to other. -dsulistiyo-

         all photo taken by me but sorry it was not too clear becasue 
I was shacking too much saw this touching moment

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  1. Speechless... Not only spectacular by his achievement but also he is amazing by heart.

  2. mbak, aku iri buanget sama sampeyan... tulisannya awesome !!

    1. thanks for reading Endang. Always support Vale :)

  3. really inspiring..
    and that's why we love Valentino Rossi