dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Selasa, 08 April 2014

How To Reach Tavullia (Valentino Rossi Paradise)

Italy… when you heard the name of that country, the first word you will remember is Mode and continue with Rome, Classic, Beautiful and many interesting thing there, but for all Bike Sport Lover when we mention Italy we will suddenly goes to Valentino Rossi and continue with Tavullia.

Tavullia is very beautiful village with so many enchanting green valleys. Before I had my opportunity to visit here I always wonder how to reach Tavullia, which airport is the best and the easiest to reach there and so many questions and always come to the result that must be difficult to go there. But after my visit on 31 March 2014, I just realized the way to go there is not as difficult as I was thinking before.
I think it is the best way to share my experience here for all Valentino Rossi fans especially and for all bike lovers in general. I know that maybe so many lucky persons already came here and know better than me but sharing a little thing I know maybe can share so many happiness with other who has the same dream to come here.

We can reach Tavullia  from Rimini airport but at this time I landed for first time in Europe at Bologna Airport. Yes it was my 1st experience to Europe and all my friends in my country said why I didn’t go to Rome or another big city in Italy which is it guaranteed with very beautiful things there. But it was back again to what my dream was.

Yes as everybody know I adore with the spirit of Valentino Rossi and I want to know close how the Big Star can be so humble to live in the little city / village as Tavullia. It must be something great there, and it was true, after around 2 hours in the car and that moment I’m so lucky because a friend from Italy picked me up at Bologna, but if nobody pick you up there, don’t worry, you can go by train from Bologna to Pasero and after that we can continue with bus to Tavullia (before arrive Tavullia we need to change in one shuttle, but all direction was very clear), and the bus will bring us definitely  in front of central of Tavullia and it is  indeed the Official Fan Club of Valentino Rossi. 

Incredible view when you touch down Tavullia the famous sign board already waiting us and before you arrive to the central of Tavullia, you can see the big ranch of VR46 and also you will be shocked by the view at the light poles along on the street you will find so many flag of Valentino Rossi and almost in every home they put sticker of Magic number 46.

"Bellissima" that words came out from my mouth on that moment. Really feel that you are at the Valentino Rossi Paradise. You will feel so close with the legend when you come and walk in the central of Tavullia.

The first most place to visit of course the office  on Fan club, all staffs there will welcoming you with very nice smile and attitude, you will never think that it’s your first time there, totally as family. We can see on that office display on wall  t-shirts of VR46 official fan club since 1998 (the design is still very simple but as always it’s still awesome with the yellow magic color), and also we can see how Valentino Rossi celebration pictures on the fence of the fan club. Due maybe we can’t meet Valentino Rossi there so the official fan club made standing photo of him complete with his smile, and on top of that we will see on the wall his huge picture with the baby bike.

The wonderful thing wasn’t only stop on that area, they have connecting door to the restaurant and café, on  one side we can come to the  café of VR46 and we can have some snacks,  coffee and ice cream with unique name related with the Doctor there. The price is affordable but the taste is so incredible great. From the back door we can find the nice place to sitting and watching the beautiful view of Tavullia and we can walk into the VR46store (Open on Saturday and Sunday) and on other side we can eat great menu on Pizza da Rossi, the design of the restaurant is very unbelievable, classic and comfort plus be more completely awesome because they who serve us all are wearing  black t-shirt of Valentino Rossi. No doubt,  Valentino Rossi has very good art on him self, so everything touched and related with him never failed, it’s always been gorgeous.

That’s all we can find in the central of Tavullia, also we can find café and store who also sell many merchandise about Valentino Rossi and the late Marco Simoncelli, but if we walk around we can see lots of interesting things as we know Valentino Rossi house was also here (but please don’t disturb him, he need some peace before the race time).

One of the buildings which always people think unbelievable is Office and Factory of VR46. Yes it’s awesome when we can understand how all the merchandise made with the professional staff of Valentino Rossi there, not only merchandise of him but all riders who have partnership with this company as Marc Marquez and others. The factory was very big and clean, they have very good gate with logo of VR 46. By entering we will find large and luxury lobby and they have stair with VR academy logo on the wall when we stop on the plat form of the stair. On the 2nd floor you will find hanger with  lot of riders hat who have partnership with VR46, and after that we can see office room with  very minimalist and classic, totally lovely atmosphere  for all the employees on this company. They all very humble and always put smile while working. Perfect company ever, organized well and still full of friendship. No stress at all on their face. Valentino Rossi really designs in with the fantastic taste of him. And on the  lower ground the place how all products of VR46 put on very organize folder and storage. Awesome

Even though take less than 3-4 hours and we all reach what we want to see, but surround  Tavullia there are so many beautiful place we must visit, historical castle and also not too far from there we can come to museum of Super Sic 58.

For me it was the unbelievable trip ever, lots of surprising, lots of beautiful things happened and lots of things which make you understand why so many people love Valentino Rossi. Unforgettable journey to Tavullia
Everyone in Tavullia recognizes how humble Valentino Rossi in his daily life, how sincere Valentino Rossi in raising his country and his region, and how serious Valentino Rossi to develop young rider for this sport. 

In my view  Valentino Rossi is not only the greatest one  on the motor bike sport, but he was also the greatest person in the life of humanity. Definitely recommend to be the best idol ever ~ dsulistiyo

on the next post some incredible photo from my trip

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  1. Terima kasih banyak kakka! Kereeen kaka. Bermaanfaat sekali ini postingannya

    Someday i will visit Tavullia.

    Ditunggu u/ motegi ya ka hahhahaha.

  2. kereeenn... kereenn..udh lama pengen bgt ke Tavullia.. :'( baca dr view kk ini..wow..lebih nyata ya..hehehe.. keren deh :) bikin semangat nabung..

    1. HI..Upin thanks for read. Im sure you can do it. Keep your spirit up my friend x

  3. Hello, I will travel to Tavullia, thanks for you share travel notes at there, but i have a question , Fan Club Valentino Rossi is only open on Saturday and Sunday? or it is open on Monday until Sunday? i have mail to fan club, but he only answer to me about opening Hours, thank you !

    1. Hi. . Fan club and VR46 store are in the same area but the open date was different. as far as I know fanclub is open workday like an office hour but for VR46 store only Saturday and Sunday. for the pizzaria open everyday lunch time until late in the night. Enjoy Tavullia and always support Vale. thanks for read and visited my blog.

  4. Excuse me, Fan Club Valentino Rossi Open date is different VR46store?

  5. Mba ngiri liat futu2 nya dengan para rider. Bisaa kasih tips dan trik nya biar bisa dapet futu dengan rider itu???


  6. Hi i'm going next september and i wanted to ask if you can also enter the factory vr 46 or you can only see it from outside? Thanks!