dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Valentino Rossi Fastest at Ivecco TT Assen 2013

The most spectacular race now goes to TT Assen after great night race in Qatar. Not because I'm fans of Valentino Rossi and he got podium on both of that circuit but because with him on front the race became very lively and passionate. With all overtake he made,  his consistency, his confident, his pure love of this sport, he always able to hypnotize all spectators, media and others riders.

He always does every race with all his heart, always do the best with what he has, and always believe with his soul. And it's the one make him so legend and so lovable. 

Podium MotoGP always different when
Valentino Rossi on there
Assen being witness how strong Valentino Rossi is. He started the race from 2nd row and he was so patient to watched and look what he can do with this condition and finally on end lap 6 Valentino Rossi with his class overtake and grab the 1st place from Dani Pedrosa, he manage it lap by lap to control the gap. And on lap 20 Valentino Rossi stronger and put the big gap with Marc Marquez who stole the 2nd place from his team mate on lap 18. While 46 rider on front and Marc trying to catch him, the British rider Cal Crutchlow fighting hard to pass Dani Pedrosa and on lap 21 he just got it and be the rider who finish on 3rd and safe him to still on 4th place for world standing. 

And also we can't forget with Jorge Lorenzo who brave enough to comeback after his collarbone surgery in Barcelona from his nasty crashed on FP2 and he also so great can finished on 5th place and the way his rode is not like someone with an injured, so happy to watched is jump from 12th to 5th.

Great race also shown by Andrea Dovizioso after kicked Hector Barbera on QP1 and made both of them got penalty. Dovizioso forced to start from 15th and then can finished at 10th ahead from his team mate Nicky Hayden who started the race from 10th. The red team still need some and fast development on their bike to make more competitive as factory bike and they not stop but maybe the progress still complete yet. Hope the improvement will come soon and make this championship more great to watch.

The Happy expression from Valentino Rossi 

We can't forget to say thank you and congratulation for all riders who riding on this championship and always    doing all the race with all their spirit. And because of them too MotoGP 2013 comeback to be the interesting show to watch. And more interesting when finally we can watch again the celebration from Valentino Rossi, after so long we miss this real celebration. At June 29th, 2013 we all are the witness the return of the real celebration in MotoGP, Valentino Rossi with all his loyal team and fans make this championship more fun to watch. And the other one we very love is when Italian anthem finally we can heard again after so long.

Italian Anthem for Valentino Rossi
after his last win on Sepang 2010
Like Matteo Flamigni said on his official account @mflamigni "I was crying under the podium and at the same time singing the Italian national anthem. In days like this I understand how much I love my job"

And we all know not only him felt like that because we all also crying at home when listen Italian anthem in MotoGP podium even though not all of us is Italian, but we feel one because we all love Valentino Rossi.

The touching words from Valentino Rossi for this won is "One of the most significant victories of my life. .... with many doubt, ...... this winning must be the starting point, not the end" 

We not blind fans of Valentino Rossi because we surely know the reason why we love and adore with him. For those people who not see yet what we can see please watch this free video from MotoGP.com and I'm sure you will understand well. I gave the title on this video is Spirit never give up by Valentino Rossi

46 Team deserved to be happy, Thanks Team. Pic by @Valeyellow46

Special thanks, hug and kiss for Jeremy Burgess, we love yaaaaaaa

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