dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

Valentino Rossi And Yamaha for MotoGP 2013 - 2014

4 days before my Birthday on August, 10th 2012 finally to be witness of Valentino Rossi return to his blue baby for 2013 and 2014. After said good bye on Valencia and wearing shirt "Bye Bye Baby", the love story blossomed again between Valentino Rossi and his lady Yamaha M1.

Lot of fans is happy on his decision but many other fans are confused, sad and doubt with this decision. But it was natural things, as a fans who adore with him so much the one we always see from him is his spirit never give up, his smile in every race, even we never find his smile on both his lips and his eyes for almost one and half year. Too many hard things, too many crashes, too many tear on his married with the red lady.

But our loves add day by day, because we can see how incredible his mentalities to face the difficult moment like this. But Valentino Rossi is human like we all here, who have limit and maybe it was the limit, he has a good rider deserve to get a competitive bike. And he had decided. For me it was brave decision from him who chose to back to his past. When he can get a winning with this bike, he will be the winner on this game but if he can't be number one again, lot of people maybe will think different.

46 with this livery was awesome
If you ask me honestly the answer is I want to look him stay read and tame the bike but with very clear mind and my heart say the decision is the best way for all, him self, this sport (MotoGP) and all his fans. 

we'll miss this moment for next year, 
the perfect combination
He can ride orange, blue, red, blue again and many different colors but we’re his fans will stay together support him on yellow spirit because we're Yellow Army.

Good luck for next year and the rest of this season, I hope you will get some podium with the Duke. 

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  1. Good mid-night, Mrs.dsulistiyo. About Rossi's move, what I feel is the same as yours. Once he has decided on a matter, he'll do it thoroughly. I hope that he will have good two years in Yamaha. Anyway, I think that enjoying MotoGP is the best way to encourage him. No-crying, and no-controversy. It's nice to see you are always doing it with a smile as ever.
    By the way, I've just read your night greeting, and I found that today is your birthday. Let me say a happy birthday to you! " Saya berharap ulang tahun anda penuh dengan nyanyian dan saat yang menyenangkan sepanjang hari! Selamat Ulang Tahun!" Is this a correct sentence? Well, I tell you that I can not speak Indonesian language at all. One of my acquaintance taught me this phrase. Wow, my post is in time for your birthday at the very last minutes! OK, thanks and good night! :)
    From grandprixbug

    1. Thanks for your Birthday greeting and thanks for effort to wrote in my language, appriciate. Btw you can call me Dian.

  2. I've read your tweet early this evening. I had a small thing I want to share with you at that time. So, already this might be a wrong(old) timing. Also this is not a comment to your article, but let me tell you in here. I hope that this post will not make you disgusting. :

    Some people are jealous of his negotiations that went well. They're delighted to see that VR's fans are bewailing those criticism. Just in my personal view, you should take no account of an unreasonable faultfindings. The best way is ignore such a thing, isn't it? As by my guessing, VR might hope that his fans keep calm and sweet. And he may want you to be looking forward to watching him that how he will fight in 2013. So, let's turn a deaf ear to them. Don't allow the critical people to laugh at you behind your back. And let's have a talk about expectations of next year and have a chat about the rest of this season. Well, thanks for reading. Good luck to Valentino and all of his fans! Thanks :-)